Praeceptum EP



  1. Praeceptum
  2. Galassia
  3. The call

Album Reviews

Nice feedbacks for our upcoming EP on Natura Viva Black! thanks guys!

Paride Saraceni: grazie mille per le promo, The Call e' molto bella!
Kaiser Souzai : Impressive EP, beautiful tracks.
Ackermann: cool mood! Will play
DJ DEP: Cool Sound This!
The Southern - Official: Praeceptum works great for me!
Unique CRO: Praeceptum & The Call are my favorites here! Thanks
Refraction - It: Cool!
Hansol: The Call for me!
Samantha Loveridge: Galassia for me
Grasso & Maxim: great melody support from Grasso & Maxim
Samuel Wallner: love all the songs in this release very well done!
Joy Kitikonti: it! Thx
Daniele Petronelli: Great EP!
Christ Burstein: nice ep, melodic, nice atmospehre. will try.
Ruslan Cross: "Praeceptum" love this track so much!

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