The Xtreme Festival

gizA djs are an eclectic DJ/production duo from Italy. gizA is an acronym of their real names Gian Pietro and Tiziano. Their collaboration began in 2005 playing together in the parties organized with their project Xtreme Festival: an electronic music festival in Italy that turns roads, bridges, tunnels, warehouses and unconventional places into new dancefloors!

gizA djs at Xtreme Festival Belluno


live set in a natural context

Their productions are strongly inspired by the natural context of the nearby mountain areas of their hometown, Belluno, a delightful city on the edge of the national park of the Dolomites. gizA are djs and both a live project.


gizA djs - live set on Dolomites


supported by Solomun and Pete Tong

On 2016 they gained the respect and support from Solomun that began to play their productions and finally on 2017 has offered to the guys the opportunity to release their track on Diynamic Music, this release gained the support also from the master Pete Tong on the legendary BBC Radio 1.



selected among 10 best talents

In 2018 they were selected among the 10 best talents in Italy for been part of the JagerMusicLab 2018 in Berlin. Jager Music Lab is an incubator of musical talents promoted by Jagermeister, Giza djs won two awards for the best mix engineer and best sound design, judged by a jury of industry magazines journalists from DJ Mag, Rolling Stones, Soundwall.


Supported by Solomun

Nowadays gizA djs are growing their popularity thanks to Solomun that continues to play their productions all over the world.